YouthBuild RESCUE PROJECT needs your constant generous financial support to fulfill our mission and rescue our at-risk communities from systemic racism.

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Our motto is:

“Together, we can rescue our Multicultural Communities

and rebuild their lives by bringing Digital Equity to communities and eliminating racial inclusion.


Responding to COVID-19


We at YouthBuild Rescue Project join the global community in responding to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. As ever, our priority is to protect the health and well-being of all YouthBuild Rescue Project participants and staff. We are partnering closely with our local programs to ensure that our young people have the resources they need to stay healthy, thrive, both during this time and after.

As such, we are committed to providing health and wellness, educational, and work opportunities for YouthBuild Rescue Project participants to learn skills and best practices while seeking meaningful employment. We assist them in obtaining critical information as COVID-19 news surrounding this pandemic develops in Utah and around the World. Additionally, we will refer uninsured individuals to the Health Department for COVID-19-related diagnostic testing and services to keep everyone safe. We will make thoughtful decisions as to which of our training will be rescheduled, canceled, or moved to a virtual platform.

In these times of uncertainty, we strive to offer a foundation of stability and a warm sense of community as we navigate through this challenging environment together. Thank you for your support, donation, your concern, and your commitment to the YouthBuild Rescue Project.

COVID-19 Icon
COVID-19 Icon

Crowd Cheering
Youthbuild Team Cheering


COVID-19 Icon
COVID-19 Icon

Our Organization (e.g. staff, and participants) will practice these safe habits as outlined in the Utah Leads Together plan.

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Making A Difference

Help Runaway Teens During COVID

During the COVID Pandemic, having a child run away from home is every parent's worst nightmare. Please help us empower our runaway teen population who are experiencing homelessness by donating money. Your donations will assist us in providing services that will enhance their health, end hunger, and support them in overcoming hardship by helping them to reach self-sufficiency, including access to housing and skills training and job opportunities. 


Teens Struggle
Teens Struggle

Looking for the American Dream
Looking for the American Dream

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Broad Range of Services

The Youth-Build Rescue Project will provide a broad range of services designed to enable a holistic approach to tackle social disadvantage, mental health, and behavioral problems, grief counseling, homelessness, drugs (e.g., Opioid Crisis) and alcohol issues, teen pregnancy, and juvenile delinquency by providing each participants with job skills (e.g., earn while they learn), health, and wellness educational programs, teaching them to live environmentally conscious lives, conducting community outreach and training programs and providing them with employment, and housing placement services.

Breaking the cycle of disadvantages
Homeless Youth
Shipping container homes
Green Training Program
Pre-Apprenticeship Training
Computer application classes
Warehouse training
Outdoor Aerobics
Health and Wellness Program
Crowd Cheering

Youth are the building blocks of our nation.

Helping in Our Communities

We at YouthBuild Rescue Project join the Utah community in responding to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Our priority is to ensure all individuals and communities have the necessary information and technology during the COVID Pandemic. We will train individuals who lived in the city to wear personal protective equipment to protect others from catching the virus. Our goal is to ensure that the Multicultural population has basic human wants and needs: food, housing, transportation services, health security, and language accessibility.

As such, the YouthBuild program leaders and program participants will share best practices with each other and members of the community, while delivering helpful resources and critical information as news surrounding this pandemic develops.

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To Educate our Multicultural communities in digital equity and close the gap between device and technical support, more excellent Internet connectivity, and skills training

Rehabilitate (e.g., Rehabilitation Program that will provide each participant with the ability to recover and detoxify from their addiction) them during and after the pandemic by providing them with occupational training and employment services and COVID prevention.


Educate and Empower (e.g., Practical and Theoretical training and referrals) by providing positive experiences that increase intrinsic motivation for them to reach self-defined goals in life.


Support participants by providing them with shelter and a stipend for them to become self-sufficient and overcome employment barriers. Also, strategic employment services that support the business community in their hiring process.


Counsel about COVID Safety, alcohol, drugs, and the rising opioid epidemic that, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 130 Americans (i.e., on average) die every day from an opioid overdose that the government has declared national emergency.


Uplift the unemployed and unskilled participants by providing support, boundaries, empowerment, self-esteem, and teaching them character building and constructive use of time in different learning projects.


Employ and provide On-the-Job (OJT) Training Services (e.g., teaching specific job skills), enabling employers to hire new employees and train them at their business.



When you donate online to YOUTHBUILD RESCUE PROJECT, you join our cause and directly support at-risk YOUTH in our community to repair their lives and end their homelessness. No matter how little or big the amount, donating can start making a difference in the lives of homeless youth around you.

Phone:  1 (801) 889-2445           Fax: 385-259-0939

YOUTHBUILD RESCUE PROJECT is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization 
Contributions are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

YouthBuild Rescue Project USA, Inc. operates in the United States and internationally as YouthBuild Rescue Project Kenya International to deal with water crisis in East Africa during the COVID-19 Pandemic.